The Ultimate Circumnavigation of Iceland

11/21/2019 through 08/01/2020
11/21/2019 through 08/14/2020

The Ultimate Circumnavigation of Iceland

Extraordinary and full of surprises, Iceland is an amazing natural and cultural destination. On our circumnavigation of the island, you encounter teeming wildlife, rich culture and welcoming people. Only Iceland offers surreal lava fields, bubbling hot springs, amazing Viking heritage and unmatched wildlife. Experience it all on this expedition cruise.

Wilderness and Viking History

Experience the best of Iceland on our expedition cruise around Iceland, the North Atlantic island nation. Our extensive voyage takes you to see a large variety of fascinating nature, wildlife and settlements.

The Sagaland 

The westen region of Iceland features spectacular scenery and is home to thrilling Viking sagas, a key part of Icelandic mythology. A highlight in the west is the Westfjords, a spectacular nature reserve where teeming bird cliffs are in abundance.

Lava and Whales

As sail north, scout for whales, as the landscape changes into vast lava fields and volcanic mountains. Grimsey is where the Arctic Circle touches Iceland, and we make sure to cross the legendary boundary before heading south towards the eastern part of the country. 

Eastern Magic

Along the east coast, the nature changes again.  Now we encounter thick forests, lush farmlands and colorful fishing villages. Whales and other wildlife might be spotted as we sail south towards the region’s remakable volcanic islands, while our expedtion team entertains you with the rich stories and sagas of the Vestmannaeyr.   

Join us on this voyage of discovery and adventure and stay a few extra days to discover the many attractions in Reykjavik!  


Day 1 Reykjavik
Day 2 Stykkishólmur - Full Day
Day 3 Patreksfjördur - Full Day
Day 4 Northwest Iceland - Exploration Day
Day 5 Djupavik - Full Day
Day 6 Akureyri - Full Day
Day 7 Grimsey Island & Husavik - Overnight stay - Full Day
Day 8 Husavik & Langanes Peninsula
Day 9 Bakkagerdi - Full Day
Day 10 Heimaey - Full Day
Day 11 Reykjavik

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